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"Timberline" Western Art Print

"Timberline" Western Art Print

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This Western art print of the painting "TImberline" was one of artist William Herbert Dunton's last works. The grizzly's line of sight travels to something unseen and off the image while mountains carefully fill in the background.

  • 15" x 15"
  • Originally painted in 1932
  • Unframed Western art print

Dunton turns towards a more modern style of painting, a shift from his usual body of work, towards the end of his life. He had seen many changes in his less than 60 years on Earth. This could very well be reflected in the curving lines, the changing directions that occur throughout this painting.

Artists often act as historians, perhaps without even knowing it. We rely on their works to provide us with information about culture and lifestyle during different historical periods. You can bring this living history home by buying a Western art print or other Old West gift. Every dollar goes directly to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, a nonprofit museum.