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"Thorofare Cabin" Western Art Print

"Thorofare Cabin" Western Art Print

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This Western art print of "Thorofare Cabin" shows the most remote cabin in the contiguous 48 states, the only place where the nearest road is more than 20 miles away.

  • 14" x 23"
  • Unframed Western art print

The backdrop of the Teton Wilderness is the setting for the Wyoming Game and Fish Thorofare Patrol Cabin. Built in 1955 this cabin sits on Thorofare Creek and is only accessible by a grueling 18 mile ride on horseback.

The access point to start on this journey is not far from Cody, Wyoming — the city where the Buffalo Bill Center of the West is located. Who knows — you might just find yourself planning a trip out to Thorofare Cabin with a stop at the BBCW museum on the way. But if you can't make it or would rather look at pictures from the comfort of your home, you can support the museum by buying Western art prints and Old West gifts.