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The Shooters

The Shooters

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The shootout: a symbol of the West, a portrayal between right and wrong, good and evil. Author Leon Metz describes some of the most famous gunfighters in "The Shooters."

  • 299 pages
  • Nonfiction Wild West book
  • ISBN 978-0-425-15450-2

With a scholar's authority and a storyteller's passion, Leon Metz chronicles the lives of famous gunfighters like Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Wild Bill Hickok, as well as lesser-known desperadoes who left just as many corpses and whiskey bottles in their wake. Rich in detail, and woven with wit and insight, these fascinating portraits reveal the Shooters as they really lived, fought, and died.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West is no stranger to the Western gunfight. Home to the renowned Cody Firearms Museum, we have a collection of firearms that we're pretty sure the Shooters in this book would love to see. Plan your visit to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, or show your support. by purchasing Wild West books and Old West gifts from Points West Market — every dollar goes directly to the museum.