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"Hard Winter" Western Art Print

"Hard Winter" Western Art Print

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This W.H.D. Koerner (1878-1938) painting "Hard Winter" is also titled "The Snow Eddied and Whirled About the Men. Night Had Descended by the Time They Returned to the Ranch House."

  • 23 1/2" x 18 1/4"
  • Served as an illustration to a Hal G. Evarts novel ("Short Grass")
  • Unframed Western art print

The makings of this painting actually took place in July. W.H.D. Koerner's son, William, sat atop a horse in the middle of summer, bundled head to toe in scarves and coats to serve as a model for the elder Koerner. As his father began recreating the image, he also described the scene in great detail for William — who actually said he felt cooler from imagining the blizzard!

William actually recounted this story himself to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, a museum dedicated to preserving stories of the West. Every Western art print or Old West gift you purchase goes directly to this cultural institution. Thank you for your support in keeping Western stories alive — including this one.