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"Buffalo Drive, 1947" Western Art Print

"Buffalo Drive, 1947" Western Art Print

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"Buffalo Drive, 1947" painted by William R. Leigh (1866-1955) very loosely depicts a group of Indigenous people driving bison off a cliff as a form of hunting.

  • 34 1/4" x 21"
  • Unframed Western art print

There's a lot that's historically inaccurate about this painting. Plains Indians would drive bison off a cliff as an effective way to hunt them, it's true, but "Buffalo Drive" exaggerates a lot of the details. Plains Indians did not typically use a spear for hunting, they didn't use saddles, and their clothing was more elaborate and made of bison or deer hides.

Getting as accurate a story as possible is essential to preserving and retelling history. Cultural institutions like the Buffalo Bill Center of the West work to provide an accurate history of the West. Purchasing a Western art prints or other Old West gift from Points West Market directly contributes to this initiative — we thank you for your support.