Gray Wolves by Lisa M. Herrington

Gray Wolves by Lisa M. Herrington

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Discover the gray wolf's complex method for communication within it's social circle.

Nature's Children series provides young readers (Ages 8-10) with fascinating information about the planet's most incredible wildlife species. Each title offers a complete picture of the animal- from birth to adulthood- and describes its place in our world, including how humans impact it and its environment.

Did you know that gray wolves are highly social animals with a complex method of communicating-or that they often mate for life? Learn fascinating facts like these-and more-all in the pages of this book!

Paperback. 48 pages. Reading level: 8 - 10 years. ISBN: 978-0531137574. Measures: 7 x 0.1 x 8.2 inches. 1020  #10993