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"Advice on the Prairie" Western Art Print

"Advice on the Prairie" Western Art Print

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This Western art print reproduction of "Advice on the Prairie," a painting by William Ranney, shows a group of Westward-going settlers gathering around for some practical wisdom.

  • 28 5/8" x 20"
  • Unframed Western art print

The journey West was an arduous one for settlers. They packed up their wagons and headed out into land that was unknown to them. Long before the internet and even commercial telephones, settlers had to rely on advice from others to even attempt a successful journey. This painting shows how revered the weathered man telling his tale is — all eyes are on him.

There are countless stories of the West that deserve being told. Museums like the Buffalo Bill Center of the West preserve and share these stories, and every dollar spent at Points West Market directly funds this cultural institution. You can show your support and bring the West home by buying a Western art print or other Old West gift.