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"A Bull Buffalo" Western Art Print

"A Bull Buffalo" Western Art Print

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"A Bull Buffalo" by Albert Bierstadt shows a close-up of a male bison.

  • 19" x 22 3/4"
  • Unframed Western art print

There's a sensitivity that one picks up from this Western art print. Albert Bierstadt painted lots of animals but was especially interested in the bison. In his lifetime, he watched as bison populations dwindled near the point of extinction. Bierstadt paints "A Bull Buffalo" to spark emotion and empathy for the plight of the bison.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West houses and displays many of Bierstadt's works, among countless other renowned Western artists. Buying a Western art print from Points West Market supports the BBCW — all the proceeds go directly to this nonprofit museum. Shop for prints or other Old West gifts to show your support.