I am Sacagawea by Grace Norwich

I am Sacagawea by Grace Norwich

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A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today.

I am only sixteen years old as I trek across the country with my infant son strapped to my back. I have a river, two lakes, and four mountain peaks named after me. I am featured on the U.S golden dollar. I am Sacagawea.

Learn all about this admirable woman, whose accomplishments are truly inspiring, in the debut of Scholastic's new biography series: I AM. The series will feature full-color illustrated covers, one-color illustrations throughout, a timeline, an introduction to the people you'll meet in the book, maps, sidebars, and a top ten list of important things to know at the end of every book.

Paperback. 128 pages. Reading level: 8 - 12 years. ISBN: 978-0545405744. Measures: 5.2 x 0.4 x 7.4 inches. 1020   #21035329