Going West by Jan Van Leeuwen

Going West by Jan Van Leeuwen

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Award-winning author Jean Van Leeuwen tells the moving story of a pioneer family during the Westward Expansion

One day in early spring they packed everything they had into their wagon, and set out to find a new home. Sleeping under the stars, weathering terrible storms, and fording swollen rivers, Hannah and her family made the journey of a lifetime.

An American Bookseller Pick of the Lists.

"Like pages torn from a frontier journal, stirring sketches and lyrical text form a moving tribute to the brave families to whom the book is dedicated."—Publishers Weekly

Paperback. 48 pages. Reading level: 2 - 5 years. ISBN: 978-0140560961. Measures: 8.37 x 10.44 x 0.25 inches. 1020  #21013466